Friday, June 24, 2005

Tricky on UPN's Girlfriends

tricky is playing his own mythical self in a very pomo style on UPN's Girlfriends.

yes, that's a Sex Pistols t-shirt he is wearing. amazingly aweSum.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Jakeelliott votes to KEEP Listservosphere on Wikipedia

Jakeelliott votes to KEEP Listservosphere on Wikipedia:

"# Keep the guide states that coining neologisms is not allowed, but this neologism was coined on june 18, 2005 as is recorded in the -empyre- archives as linked above by the author. therefore it is not being coined here but rather being recorded & explained here. it will be verifiable by context as soon as google catches up with -empyre-'s archives.--Jakeelliott 19:48, 20 Jun 2005 (UTC)"

very cool. the pt about FreshMintCoinAge occurring on -empyre- rather than Wikipedia should help the case for KEEPing Listservosphere on Wikipedia.

Monday, June 20, 2005


i just grabbed tix 2 MBM aka Meat Beat Manifesto @ the Metro CHI IL .US for the (only) show on WED 2005.06.22 @ 9 PM.

IF you are into realtime audio-video work pforms, origins + dev of electro, idm + gabba [+/or] the influences of contemporary free jazz [experimentation/improvisation] on digital musics, THEN this show is a MUST!

4 reels to reels.

"Bionic Dolphin" @ WIRED NextFest

i am psyched 2 see the Bionic Dolphin (which isn't technically either Bionic or a Dolphin) @ WIRED NextFest. the SunTimes reports:

"Bionic dolphin -- This personal watercraft, with driver inside, can submerge, leap and perform barrel rolls. It will perform in the Chicago River at the Michigan Avenue bridge at 9 a.m. next Thursday."

so i guess i will have to be on the Mich Ave Bridge @ 9 AM on 2005.06.23 to see the "Bionic Dolphin" swim...

i <3 timeTravel @ WIRED NextFest

i just registered for + got confirmation on my entry to the free edu day (FRI 2005.06.23) @ WIRED Magazine’s NextFest @ Navy Pier, Festival Hall A, CHI IL .US warez WIRED says they "look forward to showing you the future". i <3 timeTravel.

if you are an edu'r or a student, you can also reg for the free edu day (FRI 2005.06.23) @ http://www.nextfest.net/ a rather ack'y designed www site heavy on the Flash based GUI + navi circa 2002. the future is so 2002... :)

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Rosalind -> Listservosphere

i just posted Listservosphere to furtherfield.org's Rosalind, an upstart new media art lexicon. Listservosphere is immediately [available/active/added] {in|to} Rosalind + is wonderfully nestled between ListAngst ++ loiber. i <3 Rosalind!

Urban Dictionary -> Listservosphere

earlier today i created the following entry on Urban Dictionary for Listservosphere:


The collective listserv, listserve or list community.

The listservosphere gained considerable attention during the last Presidential Campaign

Source: jonCates, Jun 19, 2005"

the entry has been "Confirmed" + "will be reviewed"...

my VOTE to KEEP Listservosphere on Wikipedia

in order to respond to sum (possible) Wikipedia reasons for dlt'n Listservosphere (?) i posted the following VOTE to KEEP Listservosphere to the Wikipedia:Votes_for_deletion/Listservosphere:

*'''Keep''' it is true that Listservosphere is my 1rst Wikipedia entry + that i have just registered + that i intend to contribute in good faith to the Wikipedia project. i did coin the word Listservosphere yesterday aka 2005.06.18. the 1rst occurance of the term Listservosphere was on the -empyre- listserv in the following post: [https://mail.cofa.unsw.edu.au/pipermail/empyre/2005-June/msg00152.html]. so it is a new New Media neologism (therefore no Google results) + so perhaps it is too new for Wikipedia. Listservosphere will have encyclopedic relevance, esp in relation to the term blogosphere b/c as lists predate blogs in New Media + Network cultures, lists should be noted as having pre-existing cultural hystories. btw, jonCates is less of a screen name + more of a name i go by all the time, on screen + off. [User:JonCates|jonCates]

so far the votes are 3 to 1 in favor of dlt'n w/my 1 vote for KEEP'n Listservosphere. the voting process lasts 5 days + as Wikipedia says: Wikipedia_is_not_a_democracy. the discursive action + exchange is more heavily weighted than the actual voting, so if you have an opin, QWERTY up.

sum (possible) Wikipedia reasons for dlt'n Listservosphere (?)

after posting to MySpace about voting to KEEP Listservosphere, i remembered a section from the Wikipedia:Guide_to_Votes_for_deletion that might apply. the Wikipedia:Guide_to_Votes_for_deletion states:

"Another tactic is to enlist the aid of friends and colleagues outside of Wikipedia that have a vested interest in the article to come to Wikipedia and vote (such as posting in a web discussion forum a call for other forum members to "come and help keep our discussion forum in Wikipedia"). Tell-tale signs of these tactics are that a contributor's account was created after discussion began, that a contributor has few edits (or has only ever edited the article being discussed and the discussion page itself), or that a contributor's only other edits have been vandalism."

afterall, Listservosphere is a neologism ++ probably can't be verified. these factors may constitute grounds for dlt'n the entry anyways...

Only You -> MySpace ++ Listservosphere!

i just posted a the following myspace bulletin:

From: jonCates
Date: Jun 19, 2005 6:22 PM
Body: earlier today i created a Wikipedia entry for my freshlyMinted new newMedia term: Listservosphere.


this Wikipedia entry is currently being considered for deletion. not cool.

you rilly need to goto Listservosphere's voting entry page + VOTE TO SAVE THE LISTSERVOSPHERE!

4 reels.


i am blogging the process on my newMedia(now&&then) blog.



earlier today i created a Wikipedia entry for my freshlyMinted new newMedia term: Listservosphere.


this Wikipedia entry is currently being considered for deletion. if you subscribe to this blog + are reading this blog entry you rilly need to goto Listservosphere's voting entry page + VOTE TO SAVE THE LISTSERVOSPHERE!

4 reels.


Wikipedia -> Listservosphere

i created a Wikipedia entry for my freshlyMinted new newMedia term: Listservosphere.


FreshMintCoinAge now online

i created a new interface + archive for newMedia words, terms + taxonomies that i discover, invent [+/or] freshlyMint:


Saturday, June 18, 2005

FreshMintCoinAge -> Listservosphere

jonCates' [invented/freshly minted] word coinage of the day: "Listservosphere".

Listservosphere \List*ser"vo*sphere\, noun - 1. ({newMedia|netCulture}) collective term encompassing all listserves, listservs or lists; lists as a community; lists as a social network. [2005.06.18 jonCates]

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

RE:post -> G0|\|3 was Re: [-empyre-] F:reW4LL

on 2005.06.07 @ 23:39:51 -0500 i posted the following msg to the [-empyre-] listserv aka soft_skinned_space empyre@lists.cofa.unsw.edu.au:

From: //jonCates
Subject: G0|\|3 was Re: [-empyre-] F:reW4LL
Date: Tue, 7 Jun 2005 23:39:51 -0500
To: soft_skinned_space

On Jun 7, 2005, at 12:30 AM, jimpunk wrote:
> >unsubscr:be

\ /

On Jun 7, 2005, at 1:48 AM, abe linkoln wrote:
> jimpunk is gone
> http://www.deptfordplayers.org/mstage/jc01/prodstills/
> Et%20tu,%20Brute-III,i.jpg

++ if so warez has jimpunk gone?


OR even?

what will be ripped + playing on the pod there?

who else will be there?

++ what will they say?

will jimpunk return?

++ can jimpunk really be gone?

// jonCates
# http://www.r4wb1t5.org
# http://netbehaviouralist.blogspot.com
# http://newmedianowandthen.blogspot.com
# http://www.myspace.com/systemsapproach

Sunday, June 05, 2005

kraftwerking robots 00

kraftwerking robots 01

kraftwerking robots 02

Saturday, June 04, 2005

webcam art, newMedia sculpt, casemod2001 or hardwarehybrid2001...?

Q: is it webcam art, newMedia sculpture, casemod2001 or hardwarehybrid2001?

A: aweSum!

this aweSum [hack/mod/merge/hybrid] of HAL 9000 ++ Logitech QuickCam Orbit webcam from Ethan & Sarah's home > Other >The Birth Of The Hal Webcam strikes me as a perhect match for a newMedia project on distributed consciousness or a web-based performative remix of 2001 or streaming lullabies from criminally insane AI systems.

IF 4R15+0+|_3 ++ /\/\4R>< THEN...

on hackaday on 2005.06.03 @ 2:15 PM ET Vince Veneziani posted:

to which i replied

"Socrates is an Educational Video Game System:


@ the Share, Share Widely conference in NYC NY .US on 2005.05.06, McKenzie Wark positioned Karl Marx as a blogger during his [presentation/discussion] w/Stanley Aronowitz:

i <3 these kinds of statements b/c they are literal attempts @ prehystoricizing new media while i remain skeptical about potential truth values (aka accuracy) or the mirad ways they support strains of western {philosphic|ideological} [+/or] patriarchal tendencies + narratives.


yes, kraftwerk plays CHI IL .US tonite + i am looking _very_ fwd. apparently they will be playing laptops + not the model shown above. still, i will keep my digits crossed for classic systems + maybe even robots, i.e.

rather than vectors, i.e.

digits crossed: 0 X 1.


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